Management Trainee


We are embarking on career opportunities for fresh graduates as Management Trainee in our organization. Comprehensive trainee program shall be defined and the Management Trainee is required to undergo job rotation in different department as part of the career development.

Our Group assured that outstanding selected candidates with great leadership, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills shall be groomed as future leader.

Job Objective

The Management Trainee is responsible in completing all assigned tasks, which may include, performing duties in different departments, gaining knowledge of operations, learning how to handle disputes, attending meetings and workshops, traveling to other offices (including operation sites), providing supports and suggestions for improvement, updating records, and preparing documentations. You should also be able to complete any required evaluations.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities
1. Completing all assigned tasks and assisting with day-to-day operations.
2. Participating in meetings, workshops, and other learning opportunities.
3. Observing and learning from experienced staff members.
4. Seeking and obtaining knowledge on company policies, protocols and processes.
5. Taking detailed notes and liaising with Managers, Supervisors, and other senior staff.
6. Fulfilling any requirements and meeting goals set out at the start of the trainee program.
7. Complying to all Company regulations, and health and safety procedures.
8. Preparing documents and updating progress records.
9. Traveling / relocate to different offices and participating in daily operations as required.

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1) Responsible for the upkeep of the reception and office, manage the incoming and outgoing calls, provide good customer service to all walk-in customers, business partners, etc. and attend to all inquiries.

2) To provides administrative support services to all departments as and when duties warrant inclusive of general inquiries, incoming and outgoing of mails and couriers, maintenance of office fixtures, equipment etc.

3) To liaise with the property management for all elements of building access, use, restrictions, safety requirements, parking and to ensure all new and visiting employees are fully briefed.

4) To provide support on the implementation and administration of the HR spectrum.

5) To support the recruitment process, coordinate and oversee employees on-boarding with the essential tools of trade.

6) Perform payroll administration and processing for ON-TIME salary crediting.

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#Job Summary
Responsible in overseeing the day-to-day logistics operations to ensure execution excellence.

#Job Role
1) To provide and supports all operational tools related to logistics to ensure operational excellence and speed to market.

2) Schedule heavy equipment and machinery maintenance & ON-TIME recovery on any breakdown.

3) Development of a cost effective and efficiency Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for Management review and implementation.

4) Identification of issues that may affect production or delivery of services, and recommend or provide solutions to promptly address issues.

5) Generate essential report for review and further improvements.

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1) Preparation and oversight of the day-to-day operations.

2) Development of Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) that increase efficiency and cost effectiveness.

3) Identification of issues or challenges affecting production or delivery of services; and provide solutions to promptly address issues.

4) Supervise operational staff members.

5) Report generation: safety, attendance, diesel usage, audit report etc.

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